NextStep Honduras exists to reach the underprivileged children of Honduras with the love of Christ; simultaneously encouraging local Christians to participate and informing global congregations of existing needs.

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My ultimate vision is to see the quality of life improve for all children in Honduras. This reaches as high as engaging political leaders with a say in government policies and as far outward as training parents in remote villages on how to raise children and lead a family. The more specific and instant vision is to develop relationships that will bring love and hope into orphanages in and near the city of San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

Lauren Vincent – Executive Director

4 responses to “Welcome!

  • Darryl Brenzel

    Love reading about Orphanage Emmanuel! I was there for the second time this summer. I think we just missed each other. I left August 3rd and I think we rode to Tegus w/ the volunteer who did meds that was taking a vacation. Anyway, I think I’ll check in with you more often. I miss the kids there. The children there know me as “Dima”. I’m sure you get these requests a lot, but if you happen to get a chance to see a young lady in the big girls, Johana Flores, give her a hug and tell her it is from Dima. You may find her wearing a red and white US soccer jersey w/ her last name on the back.

  • Carrie Weimer

    Greetings from Holland, Michigan. The Weimer Family wish you well in all you do.

    Much love,
    Dave, Carrie, Jared, Aaron, Matthew, and Joseph


    Lauren, Forgive us for not sending a love offerring before now (sent one today online) and THANK YOU for continuing to update us on your ministry. It was such a joy to see your Mom and Dad at the 100th anniversary of The First Church of God in Pryor this fall. We loved seeing the excitement in their eyes as they talked about your walk and ministry. Our love and prayers follow with you wherever you go. We hope that we can get our church on board this year to start helping in your ministry, let us pray that the door opens up for this.
    Yours in Christ,
    Paula and Bob Guderian
    Pryor, OK

  • Pastor Marilyn Jeffrey

    So enjoy hearing about your ministry from your Dad, Lauren. He told us you would be coming to WA sometime in May. Wondering if you would like to come and speak to us on a Sunday while you are here? Pastors Dewey and Marilyn Jeffrey at Evergreen Community Church of God in Puyallup, WA email: marilynajeffrey@hotmail.com Please let us know if this would be possible. Blessings to you and we are praying for your amazing ministry there.

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